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Friends, comrades, I’m sorry to have to bestow this news upon you so abruptly while you're still delighting in the sunshine and drinking frozen margs, having finally found the perfect pair of thigh-baring short-shorts—but fall is nearly upon us. Each day its autumnal hues and seasonal gourds inch closer and closer, and if you take a really deep breath, you might even get a whiff of pumpkin spice as you shiver and reach for a hoodie for the first time in months. 

But if the thought of cooler weather sends literal chills down your spine, don’t worry—you’ve still got a couple lazy transitional months where you can stock up on all your cozy wardrobe essentials, get excited about hot toddies, and think about all the citrus and root vegetables that’ll soon be on display at your local famer’s market. 

Last week, we offered up a smattering of very fire collaborations, including Fishwife’s epic three-way partnership with Diaspora Co. and Graza that delivered A River Runs Through It smoky campfire cod. Plus, a very crust-punk collab from Dr. Martens and The Great Frog, and a limited-edition long-sleeve from artist Tessa Forrest (a.k.a. Subliming) and everyone’s favorite *aesthetic* olive oil brand, Brightland, that lets you wear your olio of choice on your chest. 

This week, we’re easing you into the sweet release of no longer sweating the minute you leave the house with sick new fall collection drops from Kenzo and New Balance, plus a late-summer collab between Tombolo and Hotel Le Sirenuse (a famed hotel nestled in the cliffs of Positano), to rock until it’s cardigan weather. But if you’re still not yet jazzed about transitional dressing, maybe give your abode a quick revamp with affordable, high-quality linen sheets (we know you have a bunch in cart purgatory, anyway) or a bean-bag chair from Floyd. So sink into that delicious bag of beans while you plan out your new style for September, because there is no better time to reinvent yourself than the brief reprieve before seasonal depression hits.

Maybe you know and love Kenzo via its association with Opening Ceremony (the store’s founders, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, served as Kenzo’s creative directors for eight years). But did you also know that the iconic fashion house is now led by none other than A Bathing Ape creator, and resident Teriyaki Boy himself, Nigo? I only recently made this discovery, which makes it even more apparent why Kenzo seems to be hitting so hard lately. This lightweight quilted jacket has a roll collar that can be folded down or zipped up and worn as a turtleneck once temps start to drop. The jungle camo top also features a funky wide funnel-neckline and a Kenzo archival poppy print reimagined in blue velvet for pure fall luxury.

Personally, my favorite way to ease into the biggest eating season of the year is by slowly incorporating some fall scents around my home. A whiff of mulled apples while pulling the laundry out of the dryer never made anyone think “fuck fall.” And, a little dab of pumpkin spice dish or hand soap is just the right amount of scent—some of those candles from Marshall’s could actually knock you unconscious with one sniff. Blessedly for me and my fellow fall-fragrance-heads, eco-friendly household products brand Grove Co. just dropped its autumnal scents, including—of course—”spiced pumpkin.”

Let’s stop pretending that cereal isn’t a superior food and embrace the reign of this versatile pantry staple. These protein-packed Magic Spoon cereal bars (yep, the super-popular low-carb, high-protein cereal is also available in bar form) now come in two new soft and chewy fall flavors: S’mores and Cinnamon Roll. Take your cereal to go in the morning and ditch the gallon tub of protein powder cluttering up your counter.

Folks, we know we’ve been talkin’ a whole lot of game when it comes to linen sheets, but if you still don’t believe us, you’re finally gonna have to cave and try them for yourself, because these linen sheets that just launched from Amazon’s #1 bedding brand has a 4.5-star average rating from over 300,000 reviews. They’re made of 100% flax, are super breathable, come in four neutral colors, and the queen set clocks in just under $200. 

If you’ve been wanting a fresh pair of kicks but keep missing the latest JJJJound drops, don’t freak, because New Balance just quietly released two extra-wavy pairs of 990s. The v2 and the v3 come in saucy heirloom tomato hues, just in time for the apocalypse or a blood moon— whichever happens first! The 990v3s are ultra-classic, and reminiscent of the original 990s that debuted to much fanfare in 1982, but have been updated with premium upper construction, ENCAP midsole cushioning, and a steezy new colorway called Scarlet. The 990v2s, on the other hand, are a much more modern silhouette, with a chunkier sole and contrasting suedes textures in the festive color Chrysanthemum. 

Tombolo, one of our absolute favorite brands for signaling to the world, “I’m straight chillin, my dude; my life is a permanent vacation, because I go to therapy, and practice self-care” (or just looking hot and tan al fresco) has released a limited-edition capsule collection with storied Amalfi coast-hotel Le Sirenuse. It’s pretty hard to pick a favorite piece considering each one slaps in its own way, but we love the subtle wake the boat leaves in the stripes on the Corsa polo, and the siren-adorned long-sleeve cabana shirt that’s perfect for wearing right now and into the warmer fall months. 

If you say that you’ve never wanted a bean bag chair (or that you still don’t want one) you’re lying. Personally, I’ve never met a bean bag chair I didn’t like. They’re the most epic casual seating a person can own and this super-soft one, from the sustainable cuties at Floyd, has upholstery made from recycled ocean plastic and is stuffed with repurposed foam waste from the sofa and mattress production process—a chair that’s truly good inside and out. 

TGIT, folks, and please don’t forget to soak up every last ounce of delectable summer sunshine—don’t forget the SPF!

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