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2022-08-08 02:51:50 By : Mr. Henry Wang

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BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Get set for another few days of excessively hot weather in the tri-state area.

It may not feel as bad as that record-breaking stretch of heat in July but it is hot, hot, hot and many are heading to NYC’s cooling centers .     

All ages — along with pets — were welcomed at the Wyckoff Gardens Community Center on the blisteringly hot Sunday afternoon. It is one of the 550 cooling centers in New York City that can be found on the Office of Emergency Management’s interactive map.

At Wyckoff, seniors have their own separate room to socialize and watch TV because of COVID concerns. In a nearby gym, children can play games and those worrying about their pooches can give them water and sunscreen.

“I make sure she walks through sprinklers and I also carry her in my bag so she doesn’t walk on hot sidewalk,” Melissa Ortiz, owner of Bella, a 12-year-old dog, told PIX11 News. “I also put sunscreen in her bald head.

Blanca Ramirez, program director at Wyckoff Senior Center, said everyone is welcome.

“We prioritize seniors,” Ramirez said.

Tameeka Brandon, the program director at the center, told PIX11 her secret for surviving hot weather.

“Hydrate. Drink lots of water,” Brandon said.

As Con Ed braces for yet another extended super hot spell, a spokesperson is reminding everyone to conserve energy by closing unoccupied rooms when the air conditioning is on, setting the air conditioning at the highest temperature possible, running appliances at night or early in the morning, closing the shades, turning off AC when not at home and cleaning the AC filters.

Those looking for mother nature to help them cool off, they got their wish in the afternoon in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

When the skies opened up, some ran for cover while others were dancing in the rain to celebrate a friend’s 26th birthday.

“It’s a lovely afternoon,” Megan Sauer, the birthday girl, told PIX11 News. “all types of New York climate in one afternoon.”   

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